The purpose of commenting on another person’s blog is to further conversation and contribute to the author’s thoughts.  Regular classroom discussion rules apply, such as:

  1. Listen.  In other words, read the post or previous comment carefully.  Your comment should demonstrate that you have read, understood, and thought about what the author has written.
  2. Take turns.  Monopolizing a person’s comments area is obnoxious and does not generate conversation.  Just like in the classroom, be sure to let someone else respond to what you have said.
  3. Respect one another.  In the classroom, we focus on agreeing and disagreeing with ideas and avoiding insults, such as, “What a dumb idea,” or, bluntly, “You’re wrong.”  Instead, in class, we support our opinions by respectfully agreeing/disagreeing and backing up our own opinions with logic or evidence.  Respecting one another also means avoiding inappropriate content, such as vulgar language and personal information.
  4. Do comment.  Just like in classroom discussions, you should be responding to one another’s points of view and demonstrating your thinking process by speaking.  On our blogs, commenting shows that we’re reading, thinking, and caring about what one another is posting.

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Unlike in the classroom, you get as much time as you want to reply to a post or comment.  You should not be spewing the first words that come to your head.  Instead, think about what you want to say.  Follow these guidelines to promote smart comments:

  1. Begin with a greeting.
  2. Have a reason for commenting.  Why are you commenting?  Be clear about your meaning.
  3. Be respectful.  Comments should never contain insults, vulgar language, or personal attacks.  Remain school-appropriate and comment on ideas.
  4. Make a point.  Avoid saying, “I love your blog!”  or, “Great job!”  While such encouragement is nice, it doesn’t promote conversation or further exploration.
  5. Keep it brief.  This is a comment—not a blog post.
  6. Proofread.  Cleaning up errors will ensure your meaning shines through.

Check out the comments on this student’s blog for examples:

Wayne Enterprises 

2 thoughts on “Comments

  1. A comment is like a short story that you are trying to tell someone. A comment is a nice way of talking about the post and sharing your feelings with, and maybe meet some new people. how many people do u think we will get on our blogs.

  2. Hello,
    I came here because of the blogging challenge. Your blog is pretty cool. It can also be important to be sensitive to different backgrounds in comments, as well as being repetitive.

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